Pressure Driven
Ultrafiltration Membrane


HydroPure series pressure driven ultrafiltration membrane uses high-quality PVDF as the raw material. The ultrafiltration hollow fiber membrane has a good acid & alkaline resistance, organic solvent resistance, grease resistance and light aging resistance.

HydroPure series pressure driven ultrafiltration membrane exhibit the characteristic of excellent effluent water quality, smaller footprint, lower energy consumption and simple operation & maintenance.

It is suitable for

  • Municipal & Industrial Water Supply Plant
  • Sewage Plant
  • Seawater Desalination

Features and Advantages

Easy Operation & Maintenance

Easier installation and replacement

Cost Reduction

Cost savings in these areas; low energy consumption, less frequent chemical cleaning and ultra-hydrophilic modification.

Long Service Life

Long lasting membrane with excellent durability

Superior performance

Homogeneous sponge like structure, good tensile strength and excellent performance with high water flux


Ground water/ Surface water Purification

Turbidity Removal and Refining of Chinese Medicine Extract

Beverage clarification & Turbidity Removal

Front-end Pretreatment of Sea water Desalination

Water Reuse