Osmosis Technology

A unique water treatment technology exclusively imported from Israel by Century Water Systems & Technologies Pte Ltd. This technology can improve the recovery rate of the system effluent while avoiding membrane fouling without reducing desalination rate.

It is suitable for

  • Industrial & Municipal Water Treatment
  • Water Purification
  • Reclaimed Water Reuse
  • Reverse Osmosis Systems for Concentrated Water Reduction & Zero Discharge

Features and Advantages

High Recovery Rate

A revolutionary technological breakthrough to the existing traditional reverse osmosis system with recovery rate increased by 17%.

Cost Reduction

Treatment cost reduced by 50% and reduce in investment for evaporation & crystallization of concentrated water zero discharge system.

Long Lasting

Avoid the phenomenon of membrane fouling and extend the cleaning cycle of the reverse osmosis membrane, thereby prolonging the service life of the membrane module.

Easily Retrofitted

Easily fitted into new projects or retrofitted into renovation projects in traditional industries.