drinking water treatment, NanoPure NP-M300, Nanopure NP-M900, industrial wastewater treatment


Our nanofiltration membrane is designed with the finest modified polyethersulfone (PES), ensuring that only water and valuable ions can pass through the membrane during drinking water treatment. The high selectivity level of our PES membrane suits a wide range of applications.

The Nanopure NP-M900 hollow fiber configuration is also designed to ensure separation efficiency is at its highest and that the separation process is scalable. Its modular design allows the membrane to be scaled up easily to accommodate higher treatment capacity.


The NP-M900 is specially designed to allow for surface water filtration using a fine, densely-packed hollow fiber membrane. The membrane configuration allows for different treatment capacities while filtering the source water in the most environmentally-friendly way.

The NP-M900 has a typical flux between 15 – 20 LMH/bar. Only fine solutes can pass through the membrane, ensuring the water filtered with the NP-M900 is safe for drinking.

In addition to its high flux, the NP-M900 has a high magnesium rejection rate. Magnesium, in moderate amounts, is helpful in the body for bone protection. However, excess magnesium, usually above 20-60 mg/L, harms the body.

Nanopure NP-M900, drinking water treatment


NP-M900 can be used for potable water application. Its membrane configuration and material make the NP-M900 nanofiltration easy, safe, and environmentally friendly for drinking water treatment.