Advanced Charge-Selective Hollow Fiber Nanofiltration Membrane Technology

Revolutionary tech ensures clean water access for all, while minimizing carbon footprint. Best-in-class hollow fiber membranes designed with well-researched IP and latest technology set new standards.

Hollow Fiber Nanofiltration Membrane Technology

Discover the Uniqueness of NanoPureTM

Achieving sustainability with Nanopure


A groundbreaking hollow fiber nanofiltration membrane technology, Nanopure™ has been specifically designed to provide effective water purification for both domestic and industrial applications.

Nanopure™ incorporates the world’s first charge-selective membrane – a technology that offers our customers profound advantages over traditional RO and NF filtration systems.

Selective Surface Charge

Able to achieve high throughput and high rejection rates, 

400× Higher Chlorine Resistance

Nanopure’s™ unique membrane technology exhibits superlative chlorine resistance

Low Operating Pressure

Thanks to Nanopure’s™ reduced operating pressure, significantly less energy is required to run the system. 

Back-Washable Membranes

The membrane’s performance is easy to recover with simple backwash procedures

Hollow Fiber Nanofiltration Membrane Technology

NanoPure presents an innovative water treatment solution at Mempure that utilizes a cutting-edge semi-permeable hollow fiber nanofiltration membrane. At the heart of our breakthrough lies the application of a specially engineered modified-polyethersulfone material in the fabrication of our membranes. This unique material possesses exceptional chemical stability and mechanical strength, making it an ideal choice for water treatment applications. With its precisely controlled pore size and charge-selective properties, the membrane selectively filters out harmful particles and chemicals, the delivery of clean and purified water for a wide range of applications.

module design

Maximizing Filtration Efficiency and Space Utilization, our module configuration revolutionizes water filtration by combining efficient space utilization, extensive membrane surface area, backwashable functionality, and exceptional filtration capabilities.

With its compact design and high packing density, our solution maximizes filtration efficiency while minimizing the footprint. The charge-selective membranes, along with their small pore size, guarantee the removal of impurities, delivering purified water of the highest quality.

Advanced Chemically
Treated Polyethersulfone

One of the key advantages of our chemically treated PES membrane lies in its tunability. Through precise chemical modifications, the membrane's characteristics can be customized to address specific water treatment requirements. This tunability ensures optimal performance in removing a wide range of contaminants, including NOM, hardness, color, etc., allowing for tailored solutions to diverse water quality challenges.

Harnessing Charge
-Selective Layer

Our post-treatment methodology guarantees the consistent application of charged surface layers across the entire membrane surface. Through precise modification of the membrane surface charge, the charge-selective layer prevents the accumulation of contaminants on the membrane surface, minimizing membrane fouling and bio-fouling potentials. This critical feature guarantees the delivery of purified water at its highest quality.

Other advantages of our technology

Easy installation and maintenance

Energy efficient

Integrated system and simple process flow

Chlorine resistance

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