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Advancing Municipal Wastewater Treatment and Water Reclamation Technology for Water Sustainability

Municipal wastewater treatment often involved various stages of treatment incorporating physical, biological, and chemical methods to purify wastewater generated from urban activities. As the populations continue to grow, municipal wastewater treatment has become more challenging due to the increasing volume of wastewater and stricter regulations on the discharged effluent quality. Moreover, the increasing water stress has propelled the need for water reclamation from the treated water, contributing to a more sustainable water management strategy. Therefore, deployment of efficient water reclamation technology in the municipal wastewater treatment process becomes crucial, facilitating the recycling of the treated wastewater into high-quality reclaimed water.


Our Solution

Our cutting-edge NanoPureTM membrane technology can be integrated into the municipal wastewater treatment process for water reclamation purpose. Our membrane can effectively remove multivalent ions and organic compounds with small molecular weights, significantly enhancing the quality of the reclaimed water.


Clean water for reclamation purpose

Up to 90% organic removal

80% Hardness removal

Municipal Wastewater Treatment with NanoPureTM

Wuxi, China (2022)

municipal wastewater treatment

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