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Ensuring Access to Safe Drinking Water

Water plays a pivotal role in today's society, serving as a fundamental resource that directly impacts public health, well-being, and overall community functionality. However, regardless of a country’s development, access to clean and safe drinking water can still be limited due to various factors such as pollution by anthropogenic activities, geological and climate changes, sociocultural and economic difference, etc. Nevertheless, proper and sufficient water treatment is of utmost importance to remove contaminants, pathogens, and impurities that may be present in the water so as to provide safe, clean, and reliable drinking water to the public.


Our Solution

Our NanoPureTM membrane is able to selectively remove contaminants from the water while preserving essential minerals for human consumptions. While ultrafiltration (UF) membrane can only remove suspended solids, our NanoPureTM nanofiltration (NF) membrane with a much smaller pore size possesses the ability to remove divalent ions and organics with smaller molecular weight. Moreover, our membrane allows direct dosage with chlorine during the treatment process owing to its excellent chlorine-resistance feature.


Chlorine resistance up to 250,000 ppm-hour

>80% hardness removal

Clean and Safe water for consumption

Hardness and TDS removal with NanoPureTM

Tianjin, China (2022)


Tongxiang, China (2022)

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