Effective Cooling Tower Blowdown (CTB) Treatment for Water Reuse

Cooling towers are often used in industrial and commercial settings to remove excess heat from buildings or facilities. Over the long-term operation, the cooling tower water can become concentrated with accumulation of total dissolve solids (TDS) and scaling ions due to the evaporative cooling process. Hence, a portion of the concentrated cooling tower water is discharged periodically as part of the cooling tower blowdown (CTB) process and replenished with fresh make-up water for the cooling tower operation. In order to reduce water consumption and the overall volume of generated wastewater, the CTB wastewater can be treated and subsequently re-used as the make-up water.

Cooling plant, Staythorpe

Our Solution

Our NanoPureTM membrane is able to effectively remove water hardness and organic compounds present in the cooling tower blowdown. As such, our technology enables the reuse of cooling tower blowdown as make-up water, by deploying a simple treatment process with minimal maintenance required. Therefore, our NanoPureTM membrane technology can contribute towards a more sustainable water management in the cooling tower operation.


up to 60% Hardness Removal

> 80% organic compounds removed

Anti-scaling membrane

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