Challenges in textile wastewater treatment

In compliance with local regulations, the textile industry needs to treat its wastewater particularly to remove color and reduce Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD). This is crucial to ensure that the discharged water poses no threat to the surrounding community or the area's aquatic environment.

Treatment Of Industrial Wastewater

Our Solution

NP-M300 can be deployed for effective removal of color and COD from the textile wastewater to meet the local discharge requirements. When it comes to the treatment of industrial wastewater with membrane technology, membrane fouling is often a great challenge in the long-term operation. However, NP-M300 with its excellent anti-fouling properties is capable of reducing the COD level effectively with minimal membrane fouling. These features of NP-M300 are highly advantageous for the textile wastewater treatment applications.


70 - 80% COD  Level Drop

Safe for Discharge

> 95% Colour Removal

Textile high-strength wastewater de-coloring with NanoPureTM

Perundurai, India (2023)

India (2022)

Treatment of cotton dye wastewater with NanoPure

Perundurai, India (2023)

India (2022)

Treatment of yarn dye wastewater with NanoPure

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