Water Hardness And Sulfate Removal

Managing Groundwater Quality for Domestic Usage

Groundwater is a crucial water source for domestic purposes especially for communities with limited access to surface water. While moderate level of certain naturally occurring minerals found in groundwater can be beneficial for consumption, excessive levels of hardness and sulfates in groundwater can be detrimental to various domestic activities. Furthermore, in certain countries, rapid industrialization can cause groundwater contamination. Therefore, treating groundwater is imperative to ensure its safety and optimal quality for consumption.

Water Hardness And Sulfate Removal


Our NanoPureTM membrane technology can be deployed for groundwater treatment to effectively lower the water hardness and sulfate levels, guaranteeing its suitability for domestic use. Our membranes are engineered for selective removal of contaminants in the groundwater while preserving essential minerals for human consumptions.


Clean Water Supply

70% Hardness & Sulfate Reduced

Improved Water Quaity

Groundwater treatment for drinking with NanoPureTM

Shanxi, China (2022)


Philipines (2022)

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