Importance of Clean Water Supply in Rural Areas

In many rural areas, water shortages force residents to depend on local sources that are frequently contaminated due to anthropogenic activity. For instance, in oil palm plantations, workers rely on nearby surface water as their sole source for domestic water needs. Consuming untreated surface water can lead to a range of health issues, from waterborne diseases to life-threatening conditions, particularly over extended periods. While connecting rural locations to centralized water treatment systems can be impractical and costly because of the infrastructure needed, decentralized water treatment becomes a viable solution in supplying clean water for the rural community.

surface water treatment

Our Solution

Instead of direct consumption of surface water, our NanoPureTM membrane system can be installed to purify the nearby surface water source, facilitating the removal of harmful pollutants such as organics and bacteria to improve the overall quality of water supply in the oil palm plantation estate. This treatment process is not only highly efficient but also environmental friendly.


Safe for Consumption

70% Less COD Levels

Effective Removal of Bacteria

Potable Water Supply in Oil Palm Plantation Estate

Pahang, Malaysia (2022)

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portable water supply_malaysia

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