Revolutionizing Beverage Production in the F&B Industry

The Food and Beverage (F&B) industry stands as a diverse and dynamic sector, catering to a wide array of consumer preferences and needs. Among the many products offered by this industry, beverages hold a prominent place in our daily lives. The innovation in beverage production has led to a variety of convenient forms, such as powdered beverages and those with added pulp, bringing flavor and nutrition in a convenient package. However, to achieve these forms, various steps such as pasteurization, homogenization and evaporation are commonly used in their processes which can be energy intensive for mass production. Therefore, the industry is continually seeking for advanced technologies to substitute the necessary processes, thereby enabling cost and energy savings.


Our Solution

Our NanoPureTM membrane is able to remove water content from beverages (e.g., milk and fruit juice) while retaining the valuable ingredients in the concentrate. Additionally, our NanoPureTM membrane technology only requires 3-5 bar operating pressure, which is less energy intensive as compared to the traditional evaporation processes.


Energy efficient

Low operating pressure (only 3-5 bar required)

> 90% ingredients retained in the concentrate

Concentrating of Milk And Fruit Juices with NanoPureTM

Concentration of milk
concentration of fruit juice

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