Caustic Wastewater in Textile manufacturing

Caustic is commonly used in the textile industry for processes such as bleaching, pH regulation, etc., inevitably leads to generation of caustic wastewater. To adhere to the regulations, caustic wastewater requires neutralization to circumneutral pH, alongside with other treatment processes before discharging.Effective treatment of caustic wastewater holds significant importance, especially when the caustic solution can be purified and reused in the process. This approach not only facilitates the reutilization of purified caustic solutions but also leads to a notable reduction in wastewater volume, which is a cost effective and environmental friendly solution.


Our Solution

Our NanoPureTM membrane works best for recovering caustic solution from the caustic textile wastewater. Our membrane exhibits excellent chemical stability with a wide pH range tolerance (pH 0 - 14), allowing them to perform even at elevated pH levels. This characteristics makes NanoPureTM membrane an ideal solution for caustic wastewater recovery application. Through its exceptional efficacy in color removal, the NanoPureTM technology enables recovery of purified caustic solution from the caustic textile wastewater that can be reused in the manufacturing process.


High caustic recovery up to 80%

> 99% color removal

Sustainable solution

Caustic Recovery in Caustic Textile Wastewater with NanoPureTM

Balotra, India (2022)

caustic recovery

Balotra, India (2022)

caustic recovery 1

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