Safeguarding Student Health with Clean Water Supply in Schools

Ensuring access to clean drinking water in schools is of utmost importance. Unfortunately, many schools in underdeveloped or suburban regions are grappling with water sources tainted by excessive hardness and harmful pollutants. Hence, the implementation of decentralised and containerised water treatment solutions becomes vital in such circumstances. Clean water not only Safeguards students against waterborne diseases but also promotes their overall well-being.


Our Solution

Our NanoPureTM membrane system can be installed and configured to remove the excess hardness and organics, keeping the contaminants level at a minimum to ensure the water is safe for consumption. Our treatment process is efficient and cost-effective in ensuring consistent supply of clean water to the school community.


Containerized Solutions for Decentralized Treatment.

Significant Reduction in Hardness

Clean & Potable drinking water

Domestic Drinking Water Treatment with NanoPureTM

Yangon, Myanmar (2022)

myanmar school 1
myanmar school 5

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