Simplifying Ultrapure Water (UPW) Pre-treatment Processes

Ultrapure water (UPW) is a specialized form of water that undergoes a rigorous purification process to achieve an exceptionally high level of purity which is essential for various industries and applications such as pharmaceutical industries, semiconductor devices fabrication process, chemical production, etc. Traditional ultrapure water pre-treatment often involves intricate filtration and softening steps that are using multimedia filter, activated carbon, ion exchange resin, etc. These complex processes can be simplified with the use of advanced nanofiltration technology which in turn helps to reduce operational cost, footprint, chemical consumption, etc.


Our Solution

Our cutting-edge NanoPureTM membrane can simplify the ultrapure water treatment by replacing the conventional filtration and softening steps, which can reduce the process footprint, operational costs and chemical consumption. Moreover, our NanoPureTM membrane can efficiently remove organics and hardness, thus significantly enhancing the overall ultrapure water quality.


Improved water quality for subsequent UPW processes

One-step UPW pre-treatment process

Effective removal of organic (reducing down to sub-ppm level)

Application of NanoPureTM in UPW Treatment System

Malaysia (2022)

UPW traetment system

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